First, thanks to Gary and Veronica Silberberg and the C3 Initiative for providing an essential Jump Start grant to Culture Front’s launch!

Much gratitude goes out to Culture Front instigators, contributors and sounding boards: Owen Ashley, Ben Carlson, Tammy Christel, Robin Dabney, Cindy Daly, Matt Daly, Alissa Davies, Jenny Francis, John Frechette, Dom Gagliardi, Cindee George, Carrie Geraci, Pam Gibson, Kelly Halpin, Kate & Todd Kosharek, Ed and Jane Lavino, Mark Llinares, Thomas Macker, Lyndsay McCandless, Abbie Miller, Lisa and Mike Miller, Bronwyn Minton, Suzanne Morlock, Katy Niner, Mark Nowlin, Camille Obering, Mike Parillo, Emily Paul, Erica Reilly, Ashley Rice, Carrie Richer, Ben Roth, Jen Simon, Doug Staker, Mike Tierney, Kathryn Turner, Travis Walker, Aaron Wallis, and Tom Woodhouse.

And also, THANKS to those of you who have attended our Culture Front Live discussions (and the various anonymous donations you gave) and for everyone who reads and contributes to this ongoing conversation about contemporary art in this valley. Your voices matter.

OUR FABULOUS DONORS! Thank you to the following people (in random order) for their generous financial contributions:

  • Sue Mortensen
  • Lisa Miller
  • Ben Roth
  • Suzanne Morlock
  • Amy Fulwyler
  • Alissa Davies
  • John Frechette
  • Pamela Gibson
  • Whitney Royster
  • Ben Read
  • Kimberly Kernan
  • Ben Carlson
  • Christina Cartier
  • Mark Llinares
  • Hole Dance Films
  • Ed and Jane Lavino
  • Carrie Richer
  • Will Ross
  • Kathryn Turner
  • Diane Halpin
  • Allison Brush
  • Sue Sommers
  • Jenn Rein
  • Christian Burch
  • Steve Ashley
  • and many others