days of sparkle

"Days of Sparkle" by Vanessa Sulzer

I first met Vanessa Sulzer at Akasha Yoga Studio a few years ago. I really liked her classes and the bits of wisdom and reflection she brought. You know how certain yoga instructors – or trainers/healers of any type – appeal to different individuals differently? The same way we click with the work of certain artists. I just knew, without knowing Vanessa very well, that I liked her perspective on life.

Then I come to find out she is a photographer too! Which means she shares her perspective on life visually as well as through her teaching. You can learn more about Vanessa as a healer and teacher in this great JH News&Guide article by Rich Anderson. And you can check out several recent winter photographs from Vanessa below. I love her sense of humor and warmth!

I asked Vanessa to reflect on the intersection of making art and her yoga practice. This is what she said:

Before I got into yoga I would get confused about the deep connection to something mysterious, to something bigger than myself that I felt when I was creating.  Sometimes it would actually be painful to have these transcendent art-making experiences because I would feel separated from what I understood my life to be. But the longer I practiced yoga and meditation, the more I had a ground of understanding for the spiritual connection I felt when making art.  Now instead of feeling split in two, art is a way for me to bridge the gap between the life of the spirit and my usual everyday existence.


"Snow Contemplating Snow" by Vanessa Sulzer

“Snow Contemplating Snow” by Vanessa Sulzer

Vanessa: I loved this scene because the snow reflected in the mirror brought to my mind the idea that the snow was contemplating itself.


"Days of Sparkle" by Vanessa Sulzer

“Days of Sparkle” by Vanessa Sulzer

Vanessa: On really cold days I comfort myself with the sparkle that comes with the extreme temperatures. The beauty brings in the joy.


"Judy Ray" by Vanessa Sulzer

“Judy Ray” by Vanessa Sulzer

Vanessa: This is a picture of my mom on Christmas morning. We hadn’t spent Christmas together since I was in high school, so we were very happy to be together. I think this picture captures her spirit.


"Wyoming Parking Lot: Hunting Season" by Vanessa Sulzer

“Wyoming Parking Lot: Hunting Season” by Vanessa Sulzer

Vanessa: This was one of those moments that I really felt like a Wyoming resident.  I was walking my dog in town and strolled right by this pool of blood.  A few moments later, when it registered what I had passed, I went back and investigated what a blood puddle was doing at the edge of the parking structure. It wasn’t until I saw the drips leading up to the pool that I realized the blood was from game bleeding in the back of a hunter’s truck.  That was all very surprising in itself, but what got me most was that my dog wasn’t the least bit curious about the scene.  I thought that he was either really turned off by hunting, or just really old.  I’ve decided it’s the latter.


"Sally" by Vanessa Sulzer

“Sally” by Vanessa Sulzer

Vanessa: This is Sally, she is wonderful.

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