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As the year draws to a close, I thought it might be handy – and hopeful – to collect information on grants and related opportunities for artists in 2013. The following is an ad hoc list, based on things I’ve heard about. Please embellish if you feel so inclined.

Grants and work in Wyoming and Jackson

The Wyoming Arts Council has extended the deadline to sign up on its Artists Roster until January 7 If you aren’t familiar with this roster, it provides a way for Wyoming communities to hire artists in various fields to teach workshops. Say, for instance, I’m a high school principal in Pinedale looking for an artist skilled in animation. I go to the Wyoming Arts Council Artist Roster and scroll through to find an artist with those skills. I then apply for grant money from WAC to pay for this artist to visit my community for a week, teach in the high school, and maybe do a public presentation. Win, win, for everyone.

20121231-112550.jpg (Mike Piggott, “The Trees Are Alive”)

Also at WAC, in addition to Individual Artist grants, they’ve added a new category artists may be able to apply in (with the help of a sponsoring organization): Arts Projects. The WAC website is notoriously hard to navigate so don’t lose patience; be intrepid.

January 7 is also the deadline to apply for the Jackson Hole Public Art “Community Public Artist” project, with a stipend of $5000. Follow the link for details.


(Emily Paul, “The Mango”)

National grant opportunities

The nice folks over at have compiled a wonderful Artist’s Survival Guide. In it, they list “20 Top Artists Grants and Fellowships You Might Actually Be Able To Get.” There are a couple of good ones for photographers. Jackson artists should also be top contenders for a grant from The Awesome Foundation. There are also grants available specifically for Latinos, Native Americans, Women, Lesbian Women, African Americans, as well as comix artists, abstract expressionists (I’m guessing that’s who the Pollock Krasner Foundation favors), painters over 45, and more.

Other sources you may want to check out:

The National Endowment for the Arts

The Artists Help Network

Creative Capital,run by the excellent Western States Art Federation

Happy grant hunting! Let us know about your successes.


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