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Um, hey, things are looking different around here!

Yes, indeed, the Culture Front blog has a new look for the new year. Thanks to the designers at Organic Themes, you can now partake in reading Culture Front in magazine format. I hope this will facilitate a more straightforward approach to catching up on the latest posts. Please note: for the moment, this new format is still under construction so I hope you will forgive the glitches… like I really want a more dynamic header. I welcome your feedback in the comments section below.

I have exciting announcements for 2013!

(Drumroll please….) I am proud and honored to let you know that Culture Front has teamed up with Kelly Halpin and will help her produce her first ever children’s book! The book is called Albi and the Whitebark Pines. Conceived, written, and illustrated by Kelly, Albi tells the story of a magical pinecone bird who saves a whitebark pine forest. Albi’s story will educate elementary age children about the basic crisis facing forests in the northern Rocky Mountains – the connection between climate change, pine beetles, damage to trees and devastating fires. A portion of all proceeds will benefit TreeFight, which works to protect and replant whitebark pine in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Meet Albi:



Culture Front recently received a generous grant from the Center of Wonder to help us produce the book. This is DIY book publishing folks, and we will be asking for your help in covering printing and other costs to make Kelly’s story a tangible, bound reality – more details to come soon!

My other big announcement is Culture Front Live will resume Wednesday, January 30 at 5:30 p.m. at The Rose with a frank and funny discussion about “The Upside of Failure.” I’ll be joined by architect Nona Yehia, poet Matt Daly (my brother), and sculptor Ben Roth to talk about the lessons of failure – anything from a painting not turning out the way you wanted, to a piece of equipment breaking, to a “happy accident”, to a total recalibration of one’s career goals. Please note: We are changing to THE LAST WEDNESDAY of every month.

Other cool, upcoming projects include:

  • a series of posts of stories and photos by Christian Burch’s Community School art and creative writing students
  • special content on the blog from Teton Media Collective
  • more artist profiles and updates on the blog

Finally, a couple of “housekeeping” notes:

The Culture Front blog will no longer do event listings of any kind. That bears repeating. The Culture Front blog will no longer do event listings of any kind. The reason: My original vision for this blog is that readers would engage in public dialogue, not unlike the way we explore things at the live events. I figure gallery openings and arts events get plenty of other press. Instead, Culture Front can play a unique role in our community by inviting people to delve a little deeper than a plastic wine cup in discussing how art impacts our lives. My intent is to push the blog further in this direction, finding ways to spur YOU to comment and question right here.

Also, we really need your support. Did you know that Culture Front is entirely independent and largely run on a very thin shoestring? In other words, I haven’t gotten paid for my work in nine months. All donations have gone toward honorariums for Culture Front Live presenters and guest bloggers, design fees, technical costs, and other miscellaneous costs. If you have found Culture Front beneficial, please donate $10-20 right now. I love hearing stories about people getting ideas from the blog for gallery shows, or news articles, or speakers for their events – and you can let me know how much you appreciate the work I’m doing here (alongside my wonderful contributors) by contributing to THIS COMMUNITY PROJECT.

Thank you! Happy New Year! Renew, Restore, and Evolve!



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