new joseph cornell


This post isn’t really locally oriented. Although a number of Jackson artist work with collage including Meggan Stordahl, Olaus Linn, Ricki Arno, Chris Wimberg, Susan Thulin, Ali Sheier, Alice Grant, Pamela Gibson, and Mikey Parillo (who I’ll be writing about tomorrow).

A new book is out of previously unseen art by the grand-daddy of collage, Joseph Cornell.


I can’t tell if the book will be “marvel”-ous or disappointing. I adore Joseph Cornell, but perhaps the agricultural manual he transformed has built-in limitations? Like a bunch of old fashioned agricultural text that isn’t perhaps as compelling as a paper parrot on a wooden perch?


Maybe the quaintness of the book will appeal to viewers these days for nostalgic reasons. But will it really measure up to being “an American Masterpiece”?

Your thoughts?

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