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Faithful readers,

I want to draw your attention to THE LAST CULTURE FRONT LIVE discussion of the year: On Thursday, October 25 the whip-smart, mega-talented women of Hole Dance Films will present “Live Process.” Same time and place as usual, The Rose cocktail lounge, 5:30 p.m. The event is free and open to the public, 21 and over.

“Live Process” will take the audience behind the scenes in the making of a dance film. Learn how Hole Dance Films combines phrasing, setting, theme and story to create a cohesive film with dance at its core. Audience members will have the opportunity to observe a current work-in-progress and offer feedback.

Currently, Hole Dance Films is working on a project about Jackson Hole native Kathryn Mapes Turner, a nationally recognized wildlife and landscape painter. The film will integrate original choreography into the story of Turner’s family history in the valley, the legacy of female strength and leadership within her family, and her connection to place.

“This is a different project for us,” Hole Dance Films co-founder Kate Kosharek said. “In the past we have started with a simple concept or abstract idea. With this project we have a more complex approach because it is a documentary of someone’s life.”

Unedited scenes from the documentary will be shown, along with various dance phrasing. This is a unique and intimate way for viewers to literally sit inside the live process of making a dance film.

Don’t miss our last live discussion of the year.


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