jackson rising

Camille Davis, "Girl in White Blouse"

Damn, I wish I was going to be in town for the opening reception of Jackson Rising, the Art Association’s new show that opens Friday, September 7! They are dubbing the show “The First Annual Selective Index of Local Artists,” an unfortunate clunker of a subtitle, but don’t let that turn you off. The eclectic mix of artists are going to make for an electric, sensuous show.

Herewith are images from several of the selected Jackson Rising artists, just to whet your appetite… these are not necessarily the pieces to be featured in the show.

Nina Palomba, “With Love”

Brian McGeogh, “Desert Boats”

Amy Unfried

Todd Kosharek, “Veneer”

Camille Davis, “Girl in White Blouse”

Mark Dunstan, “Buried”

Zachary Allen, “Carnie”

Scotty Craighead

Alice Grant, “Dakar”


Other artists to be featured include:

Lawrence Bennett
John Buhler
Emily CloughTristan Greszko
Andy Kincaid
Peggy Prugh

Catch the opening of Jackson Rising on Friday, September 7, 5:30-7:30 p.m. during the Fall Arts Festival’s Palates and Palettes.




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