orwell ashelter


Stylish men’s outdoor wear gets good representation in the upcoming Terra: Textile fashion show, with Orwell Ashelter’s (the artist formerly known as Owen Ashley) latest creations. His company statement reads as follows:

Designed and constructed by Orwell Ashelter in scenic Jackson, Wyoming, Ashelter Handmade Goods offers a rugged yet fashionable alternative in active lifestyle wear. Ashelter apparel and accessories are perfect for the active man who refuses to look like an asshole.

“My dialogue with the landscape ends up being a very literal one. I look at clothing as either shelter, or as a tool to help navigate the landscape. I aim to design clothes that provide a micro-environment which facilitates a person’s ability experience the world around them. I use fashion and design to try to minimize external social and environmental pressures in a way that I hope empowers the men who wear my clothing.” – Orwell Ashelter


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