cosmopolitan regionalism part 2

Bronwyn Minton, "Lean"

This is the second in a series of posts sharing the elements of Cosmopolitan Regionalism, as explained by contemporary art writer Leanne Goebel. (Read Part 1 here.) I’m so curious what Bonnie Laing-Malcolmson will talk about in terms of regional trends tomorrow, since she is thinking of Wyoming as part of the Northwest region, rather than Goebel’s view of Wyoming as part of the Colorado, New Mexico, Texas west.

Where do we fit?

In addition to “Questioning Hierarchy and Status Quo,” Goebel names 7 other trends that define the cosmopolitan regionalism of the West. Here are two:


Examples include M12, a Colorado-based artist collective that creates interdisciplinary site-based art works, research projects, and education and outreach programs. For instance, check out these images from “Action on the Plains,” an annual collaborative program developed by M12 to support experiential art-making activities on the Eastern Colorado High Plains. Guest artists are invited to work with M12 on conceptualizing and creating new work with citizens in and around Byers and Last Chance, Colorado. This team approach includes students, community groups, area business professionals, and local citizens.



Noting their attention to detail and dedication to finely crafted works, Goebel cites Jackson’s very own Bronwyn Minton as a good example. She also mentions Colorado artist Ron Fundingsland.

Ron Fundingsland, “If He Can’t Have You”

Bronwyn Minton, “Lean”

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