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Jen Simon, a consultant with Center of Wonder, offers her thoughts about Tom Woodhouse’s new installation at the ArtSpot:

The best part about public art is that when you encounter it, you didn’t know you were missing something until, suddenly, there is something unexpected there. And the space is forever changed. The best part about the ArtSpot, Jackson’s own rotating public art showcase, is that the space is forever marked: something beautiful and interesting goes here! So every time I drive past, I find myself searching the scenery for the ArtSpot’s art.

Late last week, my searching was, once again, rewarded. Whimsical shapes and smile-making colors appeared. Each time I passed by, there were more, layered each over the other, changing the complexion of the ArtSpot. Late last week, Tom Woodhouse brought his signature style to the ArtSpot and it was fun to watch cars slow down to take it in.

“Most of my work is influenced by kids’ art,” Woodhouse said. “This is meant to be a playful but well designed piece. And hopefully one that won’t blow away.”

my work is influenced by kids’ art…

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